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TikTok Brasil

It's not just
a dance app

Working as a copywriter for TikTok is to create daily content, with a variety of formats, and a creative strategy. 

TikTok is much more than a simple social media. It's a hub of creative content, that brings together different verticals. And that's is the main idea of all communications I've created. As a copywriter, I was involved from the creative concept of the campaign to the creation of the content.



TikTok Awards

The first TikTok Brazil awards. 

An event to celebrate the creativity of the platform's creators and to reward the best content of the year.

In this campaign, we unfolded the visual key, created online and offline media pieces, produced always on content, in addition to covering the real-time event.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-15 at 11.48_edited.jpg


How is a brand seen?

It has everything to do with your daily content. On how the brand communicates with its audience, what tone of voice it uses and what discussions it participates in. So here you are going to see some content I've created for TikTok social media.

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