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Sons da Rua

Hip Hop
is resistence

Hip hop for those who live the sound of the street. 

The "Sons da Rua" Festival is a movement that seeks to encourage rap culture and urban art. It addresses several aspects of rap: music, rap battles, graffiti, skate and fashion. 
I worked in 3 editions of this project with communication strategies, concept creation, copywriting, media, planning and content.

Sons da Rua _ 2108

Big numbers

+ than 50.000
people in 4 editions

+ than 2 million
users reached on Facebook

+ than 60.000
views per day on Instagram

+ than 50

press vehicles publishing 

Great artists of national rap have already performed on this stage: Criolo, Emicida, Mano brown, Karol Conka, Rael, Djonga, Cynthia Luz, Rincon Sapiência, among others. In addition to the shows, Sons da Rua holds a new talent contest that reveals new names in national rap each year.

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