An open-air

Urban art kept the city alive during the Covid-19 pandemic

More than a graffiti festival, NaLata is an urban art movement in São Paulo. It brings together several national and international artists to create their paintings in the city.

I worked in 1 edition of this project with communication strategies, copywriting, media, planning and content.

_gleo_co e _priii_barbosa

Big numbers

9 buldings
painted by the city

+ than 1 million

users reached on Facebook

+ than 20.000
views per day on Instagram

+ than 50
press vehicles publishing 

Artists from all over the world came to bring colors to the streets to give the city a breather during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Among them, Rafael Sliks, Priscila Barbosa, Mari Mats, Paola Delfin and Mateus Bailon, Marcelo Eco, Gleo, Alex Senna and Enivo.

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