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Bloco do Silva

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A bit of Salvador's Carnival in São Paulo.

The first edition of Bloco do Silva started the São Paulo pre-carnival in 2020, bringing a lot of axé and entertainment. An event for a diverse audience with a lot of personality.

I worked on this project with communication strategies, copywriting, media, planning and content.

Silva e Carlinhos Brown

Big numbers

+ than 8.000
people in 1 edition

+ than 400.000

users reached on Facebook

+ than 25.000
views per day on Instagram

+ than 30
press vehicles publishing 

Falar dos artistas, e mais algumas infos

Speaking of axé, Silva invited one of the biggest names in Brazilian music to participate in the show: Carlinhos Brown. Also present was Attooxxà, one of the most promising groups from Bahia.

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